Monday, December 29, 2014

suatu ketika di sebuah museum

patungan soal lumpur

dalam hal penanganan penggantian korban lumpur lapindo, pemerintah dan pihak lapindo bersepakat patungan

the mask

menghadapi tahun baru, pejabat siap - siap pencitraan....

remote control

"politik lokal" itu isapan jempol, yang ada adalah "politik global" yang bekerja dengan remote control yang dipegang oleh para adi kuasa....

Monday, December 22, 2014


+ : what do you drink ?
- : a water ...
+: what kind of water ?
-: from foot


tattoos allowed , beards banned

consuming psychotropic mushrooms , fined 20 years in prison


the price is flying away

lapindo mud

Golkar leader came , and then the Lapindo mud flow

prime time

prime time decade to dacade


better drunk with legal wine than die by "oplosan"

tele zoom

minister susi said that media is wrong when media said it was boat. "No... you wrong... itsn't a small boat, but actually  a big ship... look small because too far away from your camera. You must use the tele for look better "...

yahoo indonesia

Yahoo Indonesia totally closed at Dec 2014. With million exist-users.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Investor Mate

our government gives a heavier burden to the people than to foreign investors. bad relationship between government with people. good for investors.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

three ships

minister susi said that she proud to submerge three ships to the sea. but in previous period, other people submerge more thirty ships.

media & subjectivity

how media work to create people's opinion. or it just people's subjectivity. in different time with a same case, catch a different opinion.


one by one, they revoke the subsidies. subsidies for petrol, for train, for power electric. petrol ? for what ? perhaps, to making way for petrol stations from around the world can paddling in Indonesia