Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 note : rukun wudlu

As a moslem, everybody know about 'wudlu'. 'Wudlu' is something must do before go to pray. Purposes of 'wudlu' activities is purification, by using water. Wudlu has six 'rukun'. 'Rukun' mean minimum requirement to make that activity approved. Approved by who ? Of course conform and  accordance to ritual guidances, Al - Qur'an and Hadits.

What are the contents of 'Rukun Wudlu' ? First is intention for God. Second is washing your face. Third and further is washing the hands until your elbow, washing your head including some hair, and washing your feet from toe until your ankles. Last is all of that must be carried out in an orderly manner.

Often we see somebody doing wudlu with additional activities like washing the hands and nose in first, and then gargling. While washing their head, someone also washing their ears. Washing your hand, nose, ears, and gargling is additional activities of wudlu.

I have a funny story about that when my ustadz ask to me about 'rukun wudlu'. To answers that, i speak that washing the hand is 'rukun', but actually not. I'm wrong. Those just some recommended activities. But, though only as additional activities, all of that is reasonable and recommended activities because some reason.

About washing your hand, the reason is when you do the activities of wudlu, you use your hand -as a tools- to clean up your body. You must think, " when you clean up your body with your hand, how your body become clean, if your hand is dirty ?".

Rasulullah doesn't like the smell of the mouth and somebody sniffed their snot, especially when praying. To avoid this condition, you must gargling and washing your nose. ... Or you have another reasonable activity as alternative ?

How about washing the ears ? Dirty ears make tickling. Itch ear make your pray not good. And because of that, you better wash your ear before praying. [] haris fauzi, 31 dec 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 note : KPK

In terms of Indonesia civilization, the superbody KPK ( Corruption Eradication Commission ) is most popular organization of last ten years. Now we know KPK succes ensnare some of government's high level officials. Also, some of military and cops. This a good condition. That is, justice began to be enforced, and the Commission showed their courage. KPK still burning until now. Last case, the Governor of Banten, that popular as most powerful governor, now sleep restless in jail.

Struggle for justice not end in this line, and not yet perfect. Justice is meaning dedicate all of case as put something appropriate portions. "Appropriate Portions" mean that the Commision must clear to conduct all case. This statement connected with power of the criminals of corruption. We hope, KPK more and more powerfull to catch more higher criminals. The corruption case of Hambalang, Century, Gayus the Taxman, is example of cases that  involving the powerful criminals.

It's seems KPK investigate selective cases. But, nobody's fault as long as they meet the priority scale. Serious problems arise when the KPK investigate certain cases to avoid the more important cases. Or, some powerful officials bring the order to KPK for investigate cases for their political-enemy. I hope this does not happen.

Antasari Azhar, as chairman period 2007 with achievement revealing some case like "IT for election" and BLBI, finally rest in jail because woman. Something blur. In media record, Antasari beated by big pressure since he want to break the Century case. Duo Bibit-Chandra as temporary chairman continuing struggle very hard, and stopping when start to investigate Gayus the Taxman's case, and then sprawl such of running out of fuel.

New cairman, Abraham Samad, since 2011 lead KPK to finishing some crucial cases. Samad achieve some case including "beef case" that ensnare PKS's Chairman, "simulator equipment case" that ensnare police officer, and many more. But, Samad still suspend Century and Hambalang. All of that, with many difficulty, measure of succes from KPK including clarity of Century and Hambalang cases. So ? Samad must "put the appropriate portion" in justice, as soon as possible. [] haris fauzi, 26 dec 2013

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Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 note : from Egypt, Libya, and Syria

According to the some opinion, one of big issue in 2013 is how unstability Syria that seems like no end. Possible many scenario or prediction for this case. But, in simple way, let we try to remember how democratization -or some people called with westernisation- of middle east starting in two countries, Egypt and Libya.

First, let we see the story of Libya. Libya, with the big power of  president Moammar Khaddafi, ruling in charge for more than 40 years. Sat at the throne since 1969, and then rocked by storm of democratization in 2011. 
Libya is the one of some country that saving by gold, not american dollar or paper money. Besides Libya, Syria and Iran also do the same. This make dollar currency un-stable. And western unhappy with this.

As knowing by all the world, western had some problem with someone who ruling their country for long time. Too long long time.  Western, with US voice that always bring the bad name : dictator. With "holy war for better humanism" - as a single reason, western will kill the king. Western never announcing about gold, about oil, or some else. They just say about democracy. And that reason is full enough to kill the king.

How to kill that king ? They blowing the hot issue named "democratization". And then, many people will move demonstratively to kill their king by their hands, not by US trooper. If necessary, western will arming protesters, but they do with silent.

When king had dies, some events will happen. First is the question of "who is next ?". With this, some foreign interest will play their game.
Country ravaged by civil war, of course, the infrastructure is falling apart anyway. To restore it all, it takes the contractor, funding, and materials. Western scrambling to run this business.

Since king dies everything become more " irregular " than before. Unpredictable economic, unsafe living, political conflict, oil war, and many more. And so many loan, of course, for rebuilding that country, with big rate. Money for western. So pity the face of Libya. Khaddafi dies at 2011, October. And until now they still crowded.

Let we leave Libya, and facing Egypt. Hosni Mubarak is Egypt President that ruling since 1981. In western opinion, Hosni also as dictator. And must be ousted. By what ? and what for ? .... The answer is by democracy... and for better living.

Storm for Egypt earlier than Libya, actually. Mobarak ousted in early 2011, i think February 2011. Democracy era begin. With political election, Egypt people choose Mursi. The right hand of Islamic organization.

Who is Mursi ? After elected by democratic people, Mursi kicking out Zionist from Palestinan negotiation. With this fact, western unhappy. This is a western stereotype. Mobarak ousted, and Mursi take a lead to climb the throne. But, they don't like Mursi. So, in western mind, Mursi must be ousted, again. Mursi kicked out in middle of October 2013.

By the democracy in all the world, western is happy. But if democracy process creating islamic leader, western unhappy. Because western believe that democracy will create secular president, not islamic president. If not like that, anomaly, and must be bursting from the start again.

Reflecting by the case of Egypt and Libya, we see what happen in Syria. The president of Syria is Bashar al-Assad, ruling since 2000. Just 13 years ruling, but still called as dictator because Assad replacing his father Hafizh al-Assad. Transfer of power from father to son, same like in monarchy system. Furthermore, Bashar also holding the army for repressing people.

Iran, who don't like and always hostile to western, especially since nuke case, blinding to support Bashar. Who is Bashar, Iran don't care. Iran just want to stop the storm from western that success ousted Khaddafi and Mobarak. Iran want to stop this domination. Some say that Iran support Bashar because Bashar is syiah. But i think not.
Also Russia, they think like Iranian. Contrary to Iran, Israel supported the overthrow Bashar.

How to overthrow Bashar, the process of democratization still running for many months. In the early 2013, western say loud to support protesters who want to kill Bashar. Also israel agree with western. But in the end of 2013, Israel switch their opinion and declare that israel want Bashar still standing as president of Syria.

Why Israel switch their opinion ? Israel read the case of Egypt with carefully. If Bashar fall down, some persons who potential replace Bashar appear from islamic hard-liner. Same with Egypt when Mursi take a lead of Egypt after Mobarak toppled, and then Mursi manifests as the second enemy. Western and Israel don't wanna make twice mistake. [] haris fauzi - dec 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

terka - menerka

Hari masih pagi menurut Jakarta. Tapi juga telah cukup hiruk pikuk walau belum memekakkan telinga. Pukul 05.45 di kawasan selepas Cawang, antara Kebonnanas - Cempaka, mungkin dekat Pedati. Nampak antrian mobil mulai stagnan. Antrian ini tidak sewajarnya, karena seperti saya jelaskan tadi, hari masih pagi menurut Jakarta. Ternyata ada mobil Avanza (atau Xenia ?) silver menyalakan lampu hazard. Di belakangnya ada motor tersandar. Mungkin terjadi senggolan antara mobil motor tersebut. Bapak tua pengendara mobil terlihat takzim berdiri di depan mobilnya, sementara pemuda berjaket tentara itu rupanya sedang marah menunjuk - nunjuk apa saja. Entah bagaimana kejadiannya saya tidak faham. Nampak juga wanita berkaos garis membawa helm turut berdiri disitu, rupanya dia pembonceng lelaki berjaket doreng tadi. mungkin memberi dukungan kepada pemuda berjaket doreng.

Saya berhasil melampaui mereka bertiga dan terbebas dari kemacetan yang mereka timbulkan. Duduk jalanannya seperti ini, jalur paling kiri jalur lambat tidak terganggu masalah ini. Ini insiden terjadi di jalur cepat sisi kiri. Saya melampaui dengan sedikit memakan jalur kanan. Ini sejatinya tidak boleh, karena jalur cepat sisi kanan adalah jalur Transjakarta, atau yang biasa dikenal dengan jalur Busway.

Dalam hal seperti ini, warga Indonesia adalah warga yang peduli, walau tidak ikut memberi solusi. Saya juga seperti itu. Yang ada di pikiran saya adalah dua hal. Pertama adalah urutan kejadian insiden itu. Dan yang kedua tentunya teka - teki siapakah gerangan yang bersalah, apakah pemuda berjaket doreng, ataukah lelaki tua sopir mobil ? Biasanya, sepeda motor bila melakukan kesalahan akan segera kabur kecuali pihaknya dirugikan. Andai pengemudi motor tidak dirugikan, maka biasanya dia kabur begitu saja. Ini pengalaman saya. Beberapa kali bodi mobil terbaret, beberapa kali spion tersenggol, beberapa kali bemper diseruduk, toh mereka sama saja, pengemudi motor itu kabur semua.

Pikiran saya tidak bisa menerka bagaimana kejadiannya. Tetapi untuk kejadian ini, pemuda itu tidak kabur, bahkan malah marah - marah. Mungkin bapak tua itu lalai dalam berkendara. Tetapi jangan lupa, ini adalah jalur cepat, dimana motor seharusnya tidak lewat. Dari klausul ini saja, apapun yang terjadi harusnya pengendara motor itu sudah salah duduk perkara. Mangkanya, saya sulit mereka kejadiannya.

Selagi berpikir seperti itu, serta merta disaliplah saya dari sisi kanan dengan setengah ugal - ugalan oleh sesosok motor. Dan ternyata motor tersebut. Pengendaranya berjaket loreng, pemboncengnya wanita berjaket kaos garis. Dia menyalip melalui jalur Busway. Seketika itu juga vonis saya turun. Sepertinya, yang bermasalah adalah pengendara motor tersebut. Wallahu'alam. [] haris fauzi - 12 desember 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Ini kisah tentang dipan. Dipan adalah benda yang digunakan untuk menyangga kasur. Tentunya buat tidur. Ada dipan yang bila tidak dipasangi kasur akan berfungsi sebagai bale - bale. Bale - bale itu amben. Bila amben atau dipan ini dipasangi kasur di atasnya, maka dia menjadi ranjang. Kurang - lebih seperti itu.

Awal tahun Ibu berencana untuk pindah rumah. Rumah dinas yang selama nyaris 37 tahun ditempati akan dikembalikan kepada detasemen. Ibu sendiri akan membeli rumah yang jauh lebih kecil. Dengan rumah yang kecil, tentunya banyak perabotan yang tidak muat. Maklum saja, rumah dinas tersebut telah dipakai sekian lama, tentunya perabotannya juga berkembang cukup banyak, bertambah. Akhirnya Ibu memutuskan untuk mendistribusikan perabotan - perabotan yang dirasa tidak akan digunakan lagi. Kebanyakan perabotan tersebut berukuran big-size.

Beberapa perabot itu diantaranya adalah bifet besar. Bifet adalah lemari buku atau perabotan. Kami lebih suka menggunakan istilah bifet karena konotasi dari lemari adalah untuk menyimpan baju atau makanan. Bifet besar ini akhirnya melayang ke kota Sidoarjo, mengisi rumah baru adik perempuan. Benda big-size lainnya adalah bale - bale. Kami menyebutnya dalam bahasa jawa dengan 'amben'. Terbuat dari kayu jati berukuran dua kali satu setengah meter. Kira - kira seperti itu. Amben ini akhirnya melayang ke rumah adik bungsu dan dalam beberapa minggu sudah berubah wujud menjadi sofa jati unik. Rupanya kayunya di-'prethel'-i dan dibangun ulang menjadi sofa. Peti jati, berukuran sebesar meja tamu, akhirnya terkirim ke rumah kakak sulung di Bekasi.

Tentang almari baju Ayah, meja makan keluarga yang pertama, dan beberapa benda lagi saya tidak ingat dimana gerangan mereka sekarang.  Beberapa perabotan dapur yang sudah tidak terpakai, terlalu besar, rusak sana - sini... dan kami tidak berminat, oleh Ibu diberikan kepada beberapa rekannya. Saya sendiri kebagian dua dipan berikut kasurnya. Kasurnya sih kasur baru, tapi dua dipan ini adalah dipan bersejarah.

Dipan pertama adalah dipan besi berwarna hijau pastel muda. Dibuat tahun 1973 atau 1975, saya lupa, pokoknya kisaran itu. Ini merupakan dipan besi yang di-desain sendiri oleh almarhum Ayah kemudian dipesan kepada tukang las. Beberapa tahun kemudian ayah dan Ibu berganti dipan baru terbuat dari kayu jati berpelitur cerah, sementara dipan besi ini digunakan oleh kakak dan saya bebarengan selagi kecil. Setelah anak-anaknya beranjak besar, Ayah berganti dipan lagi. Dipan baru tersebut terbuat dari kayu dan berwarna gelap. Sementara  dipan besi itu digunakan oleh kakak sulung saya dan bertengger entah berapa tahun di kamar kesayangannya. Dipan kedua, yang terbuat dari kayu berwarna coklat muda,-- saya gunakan hingga saya lulus kuliah dan beranjak merantau ke Jakarta.

Ketika Ibu pindah rumah baru pertengahan tahun, dipan gelap itu dibawa serta masuk rumah baru yang kecil. Kontan kamar yang ketempatan dipan lebar itu langsung berkesan ciut dan hampir tidak menyisakan tempat. Sementara dipan besi dan dipak kayu coklat muda akhirnya mendarat di rumah saya di Bogor. [] haris fauzi - 11 12 13

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Tiga hari lalu saya bermimpi. Dalam mimpi itu, terdapat sebuah menara masjid nan tinggi, ujungnya berkubah seperti buah waluh. Menaranya berwarna abu - abu seperti warna logam. Masjid itu berada di sisi kanan jalanan yang saya hendak lewati, mengantri merayap karena macetnya jalan tersebut. Tak lama kemudian menara masjid itu rubuh disertai bunyi dan debu. Hiruk - pikuk manusia berlalu lalang membuat terbangun. Mimpi itu raib. Apakah itu pertanda sesuatu ? Entahlah.


Pagi ini seharusnya jalanan tidak terlalu macet. Hingga melewati jalanan yang -menurut saya- terlalu pas untuk berpapasan sesama mobil, bahkan hanya pas untuk mobil seukuran sedan. Harus memelankan laju, dan tidaklah mungkin berpapasan sembari menyalip sepeda motor.
Ternyat di depan macet. Rupanya ada pasar di tepi kanan jalan. Tapi bukan itu. Ada mobil fortuner hitam berhenti di sisi kiri jalan, kendaraan mahal dengan nomer cantik di plat-nya. Badan mobil yang besar itu parkir tanpa bisa menepi, tentunya memakan jalan. Fortuner itu menyalakan lampu hazard. Jendela tengah kanan terbuka, nampak seorang Ibu dengan dandanan menor ala istri pejabat. Ibu itu melalui jendela memberikan instruksi setengah berteriak kepada seseorang di seberang. Rupanya dia sedang menyuruh sopirnya untuk belanja di lapak - lapak sayuran seberang.

Mengapa ibu itu menyuruh sopirnya belanja sayuran ? Bukannya lebih baik belanja sendiri ? Ada baiknya ibu itu di-drop saja, sementara sopirnya bisa leluasa mencari lahan parkir yang tidak membuat kemacetan seperti ini. Kenapa dia musti teriak - teriak menyurur sopirnya belanja sayur ? Entahlah. [] haris fauzi - 4 desember 2013.