Monday, December 29, 2014

suatu ketika di sebuah museum

patungan soal lumpur

dalam hal penanganan penggantian korban lumpur lapindo, pemerintah dan pihak lapindo bersepakat patungan

the mask

menghadapi tahun baru, pejabat siap - siap pencitraan....

remote control

"politik lokal" itu isapan jempol, yang ada adalah "politik global" yang bekerja dengan remote control yang dipegang oleh para adi kuasa....

Monday, December 22, 2014


+ : what do you drink ?
- : a water ...
+: what kind of water ?
-: from foot


tattoos allowed , beards banned

consuming psychotropic mushrooms , fined 20 years in prison


the price is flying away

lapindo mud

Golkar leader came , and then the Lapindo mud flow

prime time

prime time decade to dacade


better drunk with legal wine than die by "oplosan"

tele zoom

minister susi said that media is wrong when media said it was boat. "No... you wrong... itsn't a small boat, but actually  a big ship... look small because too far away from your camera. You must use the tele for look better "...

yahoo indonesia

Yahoo Indonesia totally closed at Dec 2014. With million exist-users.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Investor Mate

our government gives a heavier burden to the people than to foreign investors. bad relationship between government with people. good for investors.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

three ships

minister susi said that she proud to submerge three ships to the sea. but in previous period, other people submerge more thirty ships.

media & subjectivity

how media work to create people's opinion. or it just people's subjectivity. in different time with a same case, catch a different opinion.


one by one, they revoke the subsidies. subsidies for petrol, for train, for power electric. petrol ? for what ? perhaps, to making way for petrol stations from around the world can paddling in Indonesia

Monday, July 14, 2014

intervention by others

Actually I'm not a 'main supporter' of both presidential candidates. Of course I make my vote for someone. For who and why, i wrote at my blog, hereIt's not a big issue now. But in my mind, since 1998, I still focus on participate of other states in this nation. For me, this is a big problem. When a nation make a mistake in decision making, it's more valuable than when a nation make a right decision by other state command.

 About election day, 9 July 2014, if I blow my mind about foreign intervention before that event, it surely would provoke a state of the campaign. Some people will think that I am a main supporter of presidential candidate. Whereas I was not. Now, the election day is over. I shout about election day is a crucial event, and must be done by ourselves. Not by instruction from other nation. If the decision in this nation is subject to the command by other nation, this is a part of colonization.

My first posting about that, occured on 10th July 2014, "...if he turns out as winner, ... may like Mursi...". Mursi, is an Egypt's president who stomped from his chair by many causes, either because Israel doesn't like him. As we know, Indonesian president candidate, Mr Prabowo, is one of Indonesian figure that not favourites by america, and possibility he will lose out on this election day. Newspapers from america always spread bad news about him. In my opinion, if Mr. Prabowo become president, maybe his fate like Mursi, was overthrown by america. But it's too wild. Because of that, election process -perhaps- is the peaceful way for america to control who will be an elected one. My friend said that the uncle need to take a “remote control”.

Not only Egypt that destroyed by america intervention. Iraq, Libya, and Syria also feel the touch of america intervention. Also Palestine that attacked by Zionist who supported by america. That's all about american menace. Put democracy on your basket. It's rubbish. If you close your eyes and don't want to hear about something called "intervention by other nations" in presidential election, you do not need to continue reading this article. Useless. I refer to Mr. Amien Rais that always lose, whereas in the 90's he is a sparkling figure. Amien Rais was a character who speaks about the dredging mines by american company, Amien also understand the victory of Iranian Revolution 1979. And these things that don't like by america. Therefore, Amien's moves always inhibited, and then failed. Is america play his role in this case? Too naive to say no. But it's up to you.

My second post on the 10th July is: " ...someone was reprimanded by the capitalist by declining stock ... message is clear: don't disturb my scenario ". In that day, one of the news company that spread the different news about temporary result of election day, and then stock become decline. What the meaning of this ? The capitalist don't like that news. Some one leave a comment in that posting, he ask," Is it american scenario?". For his question, you can answer very easy.

My third tweet in that day is : "...some people say that there no indication of foreign intervention". Why I tweet like that ? Because I heard somebody say like that. They accused me that I'm just dreaming. They say : "Your candidate become just blame another for this ... ". They don't know about political situation, they only wanna be cheerleader from election day. I don't think about who is a winner or who is a loser. My interest is : possibility something stuff make a intervention in this election day, and likely done by other nation.

My first posting in 11th July is : "... my wall clear from election day topic...".This posting just shows that I am not interested in the topic of election day. My second tweet in 11th July is : "...if winner has clearly, then no need to fight...". Really I don't interest about the result. But I think, if the election process is under command from another space, it was big problem. Big problem for this nation. Maybe, america want "the chosen one".

My third posting is say about Mursi. "Mursi - defenders of the Palestinian - had a power to beat a zionist. but now Mursi had ousted. replaced by "the chosen one", and we don't know who ?". Some people comment that Mursi was make a mistake and then rolled by people power. But I still think that america is behind the scenario. Zionist always hate Mursi. Then america also hate Mursi. The next in 11th July is : " That is why the western need some presidents that not fight against zionist. That's why Mursi become ousted ...".

In these days, my opinion is confusing about Palestine, also. I think everything happen in these days are connected by the theme. Mursi - Palestine - zionist - Intervention. Palestine case, zionist attacking Gaza, is the real sample about phisical action of intervention. But "election day" is the "hidden action”. And after read the news that Bill Clinton want to landing in this country in medio July, my next posting is : "....the uncle want to come to bless the chosen one ... possible, the independence of this nation will disappear 30%...". Next is quote pentagon documents that are publishing on the internet : "... why are we so concerned with a corner in southeast Asia, Indonesia." - Eisenhower, Pentagon, 1953.

And then I became no longer bear to save the news that I had long buried. I am attaching the news to my opinion and posted on 12nd July :
Why the American Ambassador -Robert Blake (on June 23, 2014)- said that Indonesian government should investigate allegations of human rights cases ?
Afraid ??? Want to interfere this nation ??? What do you want ???
So remember the message from Ir. Soekarno: "..... If you are looking for a leader, look for the hated and dreaded by other nation. Leaders like that will beat foreign interests ....".

As you know, american journalist always says that Mr Prabowo is a president candidate that entangled by human rights cases. By Blake spoke like that, we know that america doesn't like him. America want to drop Mr Prabowo. Can you imagine that this nation obey Blake's words ? My posting become a statement of anger because clearly that america want to control Indonesian election day. This post led to a lot of comments. Some say that intervention by other nation is illegal stuff. But some say nothing happen. Is it make you believe that america want to rule indonesia ? Maybe yes, maybe no. And the latest, in 12nd July my posting wrapped as conclution : " Indonesia refuse intervention. but I still wondering, why some of us accept this ... I don't know....” [] haris fauzi – 14 July 2014

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Friday, July 04, 2014

the campaign and fear

Remember in early 2014, we know all media publisher give approximately fourty percent for Joko Widodo electability lead for president candidate, leave another ten candidates behind. And then, in April, PDIP win the election day. So, by this fact, PDIP nominate Joko Widodo for presidential election with very very high confidence.

Mei 2014, from dozens of leaders and candidates for president, only two couples that declare as candidates. They are Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla, and Prabowo-Hatta. Before the declaration, each candidate always appear in public, if this should not be referred as the campaign. But, after the declaration, Prabowo's campaign methode changed very drastically. Maybe, because Mahfud MD was appointed as chairman of his campaign team. They move become a massive campaign.

In the campaign period, journalistic media switch become propaganda. They gravitate to the candidate of their choice. No more journalisme, no more press. In media and cyber space, Joko Widodo create many campaign materials that very creative. Initially, the campaign team Joko Widodo rely on creativity, while Prabowo campaign team relied on colossal touch. At least that's what happens in the virtual world at the start of the campaign period. You certainly can not guess, when Prabowo electability increase rapidly.

About Prabowo's electability progress, at first I did not think as fast as it would. In my mind, Joko Widodo still running for winning. But, in between of confusing news from media, internet, and poll, I get my own poll. First, I ask to my friend. He is a teacher. His students  age 18 old years, average. He make a class pooling, and 70% Prabowo. And then I look on my Facebook. My facebook friends are 70% like Prabowo page, more than Joko Widodo page. Latest, I ask to my daughter about her class. And she said that Prabowo most favourite than Joko Widodo.Her classmates indeed was 15 years old, instead of voting age, but this shows the level of idol.

Off course, Joko Widodo become panic. Though may not admit it. And then in the last week of June, the campaign is not good anymore, until now. What happen with their supporter ? They berate each other in social media. In the balance position, they fight using their words. 
Invective in the virtual world rather recedes when the world cup and the month of Ramadan, but it was only in the beginning. A week later they returned to their animal phase again.

Because of the negative campaign, instead of flattering, fear is emerging now. In black campaign, both presidential candidates would appear to be monsters. Prabowo emerged as a kidnapper, Joko Widodo emerged as a communist. Both are frightening the people of Indonesia.Today, i watch the news that say Joko Widodo supporters stormed a Prabowo press office. Can you imagine ? How we develop our future in fear ? This would be happen here, in Indonesia. [] haris fauzi 4 July 2014

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

k-pop, phil collins, & jim steinman

Music is a product of industry. Almost all of music was born from factory. Although not all. In this era, music is homogeneous product. This is --homogeneous-- one of characteristic features of factory product. Different with the work of art maestro, unique.

Let me write about homogeneity of music industrial product. If we talk about K-pop and J-pop, everything is the same. If we have one band here, and then we copy K-pop band, everything, style, cloth, hair, music,...all of that, except lyrics. They are homogeneous products, absolutely.

But, in 80's, music industry has their big expansion. We know a singer named Billy Ocean. Not mean Ocean is a totally as industrial product. I mean, it's just a simple sample. Billy Ocean release his song named They'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) in 1986, and become a very valuable song. As a big-selling product, then in 1988 Ocean release another song called "Colour of Love" with same chorus characteristic. Because, this chorus greatly favoured by market and match with Billy's vocal type. It's a industrial characteristic.

The second, is phenomenon called "Phil Collins" in 80's. As an entertainer, Collins digging great succes. Not only for Collins himself, every singer or musician that branding with Collins, probability mostly will make a big money. We know Frida, a singer of ABBA, that joining Collins for her song "I Know There Is Something Going On" in 1982. At this song, Phil works his typical drum stroke. Drum beats reminiscent of the Collins succesfull song, "In The Air Tonight".

Collins phenomenon doesn't stop here. Philip Bailey feel the pleasure of "Collins phenomenon" when working with Collins on a song titled "Easy Lover" in 1984. That's funny when we know how Howard Jones utilize the "Collins Phenomenon" for re-mark his song titled "No One Is To Blame". That song actually recorded and released with "Dream Into Action" album in 1985. And become big selling when it was re-released in 1986 with touch of Collins typical drum stroke. In that year, 1986, the guitar maestro, Eric Clapton, also invite Collins for song opening "Hold On", and we all know that song become hit in majoring chart. Collins is genius, and... bringing great luck.

Jim Steinman is music writer. One  of his artist is Meat Loaf. In 1990, Jim Steinman write a song for Meat Loaf titled " I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)". As Steinman's typical songs with long play, long title, also piano touch of Roy Bittan. Very typical. And become very selling song and make great money.

And then, five years later, Steinman become a producer of Meat Loaf next album, "Welcome To The Neighbourhood". In this album, Diane Warren create a song that continue the story of "I'd Do Anything for Love", titled "I'd Lie for You (And That's The Truth)". This song created by Warren but follow Steinman's. "I'd Lie for You" has a pianist but he play mostly like Roy Bittan. An easy way,without listening the similarity of both songs,  we can also see how the title was almost similar. How Steinman, Warren, and Meat Loaf do this ? Because it is industry. It is factory that release a homogenous product.

How about non-factory ? We can listen the opinion from Jimmy Page, a guitarist from Led Zeppelin. One day, after great succesful of Zeppelin's song "Stairway To Heaven", a journalist ask about Jimmy Page opinion. "Since now, Led Zeppelin will never create songs like "Stairway to Heaven" again. Although very successful in the market. Never ... ", said Jimmy Page. [] haris fauzi - 2 July 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

a short story about 'reply'

One day, i receive short message at my phone,"may i deliver this product today ? [fulan]". A message from unknown number. But, sender bring his nick name in the end of message. Because of that, I know that message is from Fulan, a packaging section employee, and he use another number. Actually, I don't care if he has a thousand numbers.

A question message always need an answer. I know, Fulan need my reply as soon as possible, because Fulan need my decision about delivery action in the span of that day. And, in a minute,  I reply these message with reply menu from my phone cell like this," Ok. Please send product as soon as possible. This day is better. Thank you". Message status at my phone is "sending success".

The next day, Fulan come to me and complain," Do you receive my message about delivery ?".
"Off course, and I already reply your message in real time ", i said.
"O, ya ? why I'm not receive your reply...? ", he shocked.
"Hah ? my phone status is 'sending', Fulan...", my argue with show my phone status.

After watch my cell phone, Fulan continuing with his debate," you reply my message ? You make a mistake. Why are not you sending to my number that have been registered ? ... yesterday I use my friend number for sending message to you...".

"Hah ?.... i just reply only, Fulan... reply is go back to sender. I think you use those number... i don't know about your friend cell phone number... ".

"You make a mistake. You know my number, why you just reply to my friend number ?",he still continuing with his stupid debate. [] haris fauzi, 1 ramadhan 1435H

Thursday, June 12, 2014

i will vote for number one, why ?

Next month is election day. Election for Indonesian President and Vice President. We have two candidates. Prabowo-Hatta as first candidate, and the second is Jokowi-JK. I'm not enough knowing about Mr Prabowo, Mr Hatta, Mr Jokowi, or Mr JK. But, how ever, next month I must make decision for my vote.

So much news release about them. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, internet, everything in Indonesia tell about election day. Tell about Prabowo. Tell about Jokowi. But, I can't make a decision with that.

I must setback to the 90s. In my term about Indonesia's reform, I always refer to two persons, they are Mr. Amien Rais and Mr. Adi Sasono. Actually, not only Amien Rais and Mr Adi Sasono who take part in the progress of reform in 1997, many people stand behind reformation progress. For example, Gus Dur, Nurcholish Madjid, etc. But, as personal opinion, I refer to Mr. Amien and Mr. Adi.

Now, seventeen years after the reform, Indonesia will conduct a president election event. Election day in the next month. These days are time full of campaign from candidates. As you know, Mr Amien Rais take a option to choose Mr Prabowo as next president. This a first cause why I follow step of Mr Amien to vote Mr Prabowo. Because, Mr Amien Rais is person who knowing very well about reform process. Of course he will make a decision so well. Amien will make decision with the connectivity between Indonesian reformation as a background and the most appropriate figure of president who will continuing reform process.

First ? Yes. I have two major causes that led me to decide Mr. Prabowo as next President. The second cause is Mr. Mahfud MD, Head of Constitutional Court before Mr Akil. Not like Mr Akil that full of problem, as Head of Constitutional Court, Mr Mahfud very bright, clean, and emphatic.

For five years reputation, Mr Mahfud MD become my reference  in Indonesian politic forum. Mahfud is imam in my political view. Mr. Amien is Muhammadiyah Leader, maybe the best Muhammadiyah leader beside KH. Ahmad Dahlan, and AR Fachrudin. Mahfud is Nahdhatul Ulama, follower of Gus Dur. Maybe different, but I think they have some in common.

Why Mr. Mahfud become my second cause ? Mr. Mahfud is a good politician. And, He always asking to him ustadz before make a decision. Paternalistic mindset. Typical as NU's santri. In this case, I agree with this mindset because if somebody have not enough knowledge about something, you better asking to someone who know better, or following some one that give you guarantee. Not just only follow. Ustadz will bring the guarantee for you if you follow him. If your choice become wrong, the false-one is your ustadz. Because he gives you a guarantee.

Same option with Mr Amien Rais, Mr Mahfud MD vote Mr prabowo as next President. Maybe, Mr Amien endorsing Mr Hatta Rajasa as vice president for Mr. Prabowo. Hatta is successor of Amien in Partai Amanat Nasional. Amien and Hatta have a connection between them in party. Simple, if Amien vote for Hatta, of course he vote for Prabowo.

In the other case, Mr Mahfud accept the challenge to support Mr. Prabowo to be a winner in this election. After asking his ustadz, all of ustadz suggest to Mr. Mahfud for supporting Mr. Prabowo.

So, I refer to them for make my choice. And I will choose no.1, Prabowo-Hatta for Indonesian President. [] haris fauzi - 12 jun 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

president, and pair of shoes

One day, I walk around with my wife. I need to buy a pair of shoes. Many many shoes available at store. Kind of models, kind of color, kind of price also. Look around, pick one, or two, and then try and match to my foot. "Which shoes ?", my wife asking after an hour. I'm still quiet because I have yet to make a choice.

In this condition, perhaps my wife become angry if I need a long time to make a choice. And, if someone angry with other, then the other person may also be angry with her. And if I discuss with her about my shoes, the communication become lack. We have two words here ; "angry" and "choice". And then I would most likely get bad shoes, expensive, and my only lucky if the size is correct.

Do you know about the correlation between 'angry' and 'choice' ?
If some people try to make a choice with angry, they will make a choice without mind. They will make a choice using their boiling blood.

How to make decisions in anger?
And... do you know what should be happen if people make a choice at their condition like that ?
Angry people will choose the worst one. Angry people become stupid. There is a traditional phrase that said "angry people were stupid as a donkey, his voice like the sound of donkey".

These day, a month later there will be presidential election. Only two candidates. Only two polar. First candidate with his supporter will head to head with another. In stage,the candidates will debate, in cyber, supporters will berate each other, and will possibly fight in the streets.

Potentially, angry people make many mistakes including the "wrong choice". Therefore, during the presidential election, there should be no taunted each other, no commotion. And let the people choose in peace, so that people could choose using their mind, their intellect. And the chosen one that appears is the best choice.

Now, are you still proud with your candidate ? Please don't make a noise. It's annoying. You better keep calm. [] haris fauzi - 11 june 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

a general secretary

For three years, i carry my position as general secretary of neighbourhood community (rukun warga). Let me explain how this can be happen. In the sunday morning, me and my children walking around and meet with Mr. Djoko. He is a Chairman of Neighbourhood Community. He led about six or seven Neighbourhood Cluster (Rukun Tetangga). Mr Djoko still jogging when he ask to me about position of general secretary. And I said OK.

My wife look weird with my quick respond. "Are you sure become a general secretary ?", she ask to me.
"I'm busy this years, therefore, i'm not reject that offer ", my diplomacy.
"Actually, in my mind, you will be more busy than now....".
"No... next month the election of RT leader will be held. I don't want become the RT leader. I think you also like that. Because of this I must accept offering from Mr Djoko. If I as general secretary, I runaway from RT candidate ".
Now I see my wife smile. She looks understand about my trick.

Do you know about job of general secretary ?
He must do the documentation of letter from anywhere. Including letter from residents and neighbours. The residents need citizenship letter. Must be signature by Chairman, and then legalisation by General Secretary. It's a simple jobs. But the problem is, many people don't bring the copy of document. This makes a organisation don't have a documentation.

The Chairman had no idea how to make this documentation. Every people with their own wishes bring only one sheet document, and then need to mark their letter. And go home. A Chairman sign his signature in their letter. But, he don't have a copy.  It's clear, this is my jobs.

Before me, the general secretary always say to all people to copy their document. But nobody hear this. The people still bring one sheet document. For this, do i must have my own copy engine ? It's up to me. Only one that I must do. It is a digital camera. I have pocket camera that ready to take a picture from all letter that I must legalisation. Only this. Every letter, should be had a copy as digital data storage in this camera. And the job is done. Finish. Don't think too complicated. [] haris fauzi - 28 Apr 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

queue maker

Afternoon, busy hours. I'm on a building elevator with some others. Down from seventh level, i need down to ground level, some people too,... also a 'woman in right side'. She makes a call phone. "Please take me on lobby terrace. Hurry up... I will arrive on a while". I think she needs to be picked up by someone. She makes a call phone to her driver who waiting in parking area.

From seventh level, ..6..5..4..3..2..1.. , elevator takes more time than bring a car from a park area to lobby. This my analysis. Because when all of elevator passenger down to ground level, i see a queue of some cars. Lead from queue is black wagon. And 'woman on right side'  fast walking through people throng, go toward black wagon, at the same time calling her driver,"... an elevator too slow...". And then she jump into black wagon.

You know, when queue of cars happen, possibility some car will turn a horn on. Noise will occur. I think, that woman not so wise. Why she calls her driver when on elevator ? Why she doesn't call when she was already on lobby ? Is she don't want to wait ? Maybe, a 'woman on the right side' is a busy one. But, however, what she had done -- to call a car before she on lobby-- and it turns out she was late, is not a good attitude. Of course her delay make a queue of many cars, -- remember, it's a busy hours-- and noisy by horn. Not a good thing when making a queue at busy hours. Moreover, this building is a hospital. What do you think ? [] haris fauzi, 28 jan 2014.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my little daughter problems

My little daughter is a problem child. This statement out from a psychologist. Cahaya -name of my daughter- go to school since last year, 2012. As I told at my blog, in first year, cahaya always go to school accompanied with her Mom. Everything alright because the first years is playgroups class. After that year, the rule of a school said that student must go to school without anyone. And Cahaya does not happy with that.

In the middle of 2013, i think in August, my wife invited by school to talk about this problem, and my wife discuss with a psychologist. A psychologist is a school's partner. By this facts, I and my wife agree with his suggestion. He suggest for implementing by forced. It's popular as "terapi paksa". A psychologist says that this treatment have no risk. Whatever kind of risk. And always success. But, i'm not sure with this.

At the end of this case, I turn off this treatment because i'm not deal with the risk that happen in third day. In first week, my daughter become grumpy girl, like hitting, morose, hate all about school, hate her Mom, and does not want to socializing. I must stop therapy. My wife confused. Because --with the roll of time-- the psychologist step by step ignoring his statement. He always argued that the risk that happen is not his fault.

This day, when I write this blog, is fifth month since I broke the therapy. This day also fifth month since I implement "holy verses therapy" as my mother teach me. I read loud enough verses from surah al-Hasyr and at-Taubah. I read after subuh beside Cahaya's bed.

After five months, one by one of problems is gone. Cahaya become cheerful and friendly with her Mom. She start to play with her friends. So she success hold her hand from hitting somebody. But, she still have traumatic about school. Everything about school, especially teacher, uniform, and classroom. Traumatic that happen in five months is a serious problem. Occurred to my mind to sue psychologist, but my wife looks not agree with this.

What can I do now ? My wife invites cahaya go to school when holiday or after school hours, at the other school. Cahaya had out from existing school. Go to school when holiday or after school hours means no teacher, no classroom, no uniform. I think they go twice a week. I'm not sure about how many times they gone because i'm at my office at same time.
Clear in my head, slowly, Cahaya's passion to play in school garden had growth. If they go with my second daughter, cahaya more happiest than alone. But, until now, Cahaya still doesn't want go to school normally. This problem is very very serious, but I still thanks to God because my daughter left her five problems although it still lags one problem behind. Alhamdulillah. [] haris fauzi - 22 jan 2014

Thursday, January 09, 2014

everything vibrate

In middle of August 2013, my boss suggest to me for repainting my car. I agree because paint of my car body so weak. Peeling and fading in some areas. Coincidental, my office have an iedul fitri long holiday. And painting process need approximate 10 days. So, in first holiday, i bring my car to workshop, and then I with my family go to Malang for holiday without my lovely car.

After holiday, my car already finish. Everything sparkling. As usually, I always test that car first, and monitoring to make sure everything alright. Every use this car, i pay attention for everything, maybe changing, or maybe have trouble. Correct ! Wind shield lost their accuracy and become leak. Workshop technician must repair that.

Trouble that make me never ending curious is why my car become so noise. It's like every part in my car become vibrating. Especially in front area. I don't sure how many times I should go down from my car and open the engine cover to analyze that noise. I looking for something vibrate. First, i found that my number plate have not locked tight. And I must tighten the bolt. That happen when on sunter road.

In office car park, i must do like that in several times. I must check something under engine cover. How to check the vibrate source ? I do this with shake some suspected parts. And I found that filter cover  that vibrate and make noise, and then bar of battery also vibrate. Fixed it one by one. Time by time.

After that, is everything alright, now ? Not yet. My car still remaining some noises. It's very annoying for  five months. I swear, very annoying. Until one day I found something missing.

What is this ? You know, when we will check engine, we must opening the cover. And, in order that the cover not close, we must use the slim bar as cantilever. The cantilever pressed by engine cover. Of course, when you don't use cantilever, the cover will closing and clamping your head.

That's a puzzle of mystery. That annoying noise turn out is caused by cantilever that vibrating because loose clip. So here, if you check that case with cantilever pressed by engine, you can't solve that case, because cantilever position is rigid. You can't shake the cantilever to check the noise. But, in driving position, the cantiliver at home position. When cantilever in home position, the clip in base point is loose. That situation make cantilever vibrate. And finally I success to solve this although it should take five months. Fiuh. [] haris fauzi - 9 jan 2014