Saturday, June 28, 2014

a short story about 'reply'

One day, i receive short message at my phone,"may i deliver this product today ? [fulan]". A message from unknown number. But, sender bring his nick name in the end of message. Because of that, I know that message is from Fulan, a packaging section employee, and he use another number. Actually, I don't care if he has a thousand numbers.

A question message always need an answer. I know, Fulan need my reply as soon as possible, because Fulan need my decision about delivery action in the span of that day. And, in a minute,  I reply these message with reply menu from my phone cell like this," Ok. Please send product as soon as possible. This day is better. Thank you". Message status at my phone is "sending success".

The next day, Fulan come to me and complain," Do you receive my message about delivery ?".
"Off course, and I already reply your message in real time ", i said.
"O, ya ? why I'm not receive your reply...? ", he shocked.
"Hah ? my phone status is 'sending', Fulan...", my argue with show my phone status.

After watch my cell phone, Fulan continuing with his debate," you reply my message ? You make a mistake. Why are not you sending to my number that have been registered ? ... yesterday I use my friend number for sending message to you...".

"Hah ?.... i just reply only, Fulan... reply is go back to sender. I think you use those number... i don't know about your friend cell phone number... ".

"You make a mistake. You know my number, why you just reply to my friend number ?",he still continuing with his stupid debate. [] haris fauzi, 1 ramadhan 1435H

Thursday, June 12, 2014

i will vote for number one, why ?

Next month is election day. Election for Indonesian President and Vice President. We have two candidates. Prabowo-Hatta as first candidate, and the second is Jokowi-JK. I'm not enough knowing about Mr Prabowo, Mr Hatta, Mr Jokowi, or Mr JK. But, how ever, next month I must make decision for my vote.

So much news release about them. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, internet, everything in Indonesia tell about election day. Tell about Prabowo. Tell about Jokowi. But, I can't make a decision with that.

I must setback to the 90s. In my term about Indonesia's reform, I always refer to two persons, they are Mr. Amien Rais and Mr. Adi Sasono. Actually, not only Amien Rais and Mr Adi Sasono who take part in the progress of reform in 1997, many people stand behind reformation progress. For example, Gus Dur, Nurcholish Madjid, etc. But, as personal opinion, I refer to Mr. Amien and Mr. Adi.

Now, seventeen years after the reform, Indonesia will conduct a president election event. Election day in the next month. These days are time full of campaign from candidates. As you know, Mr Amien Rais take a option to choose Mr Prabowo as next president. This a first cause why I follow step of Mr Amien to vote Mr Prabowo. Because, Mr Amien Rais is person who knowing very well about reform process. Of course he will make a decision so well. Amien will make decision with the connectivity between Indonesian reformation as a background and the most appropriate figure of president who will continuing reform process.

First ? Yes. I have two major causes that led me to decide Mr. Prabowo as next President. The second cause is Mr. Mahfud MD, Head of Constitutional Court before Mr Akil. Not like Mr Akil that full of problem, as Head of Constitutional Court, Mr Mahfud very bright, clean, and emphatic.

For five years reputation, Mr Mahfud MD become my reference  in Indonesian politic forum. Mahfud is imam in my political view. Mr. Amien is Muhammadiyah Leader, maybe the best Muhammadiyah leader beside KH. Ahmad Dahlan, and AR Fachrudin. Mahfud is Nahdhatul Ulama, follower of Gus Dur. Maybe different, but I think they have some in common.

Why Mr. Mahfud become my second cause ? Mr. Mahfud is a good politician. And, He always asking to him ustadz before make a decision. Paternalistic mindset. Typical as NU's santri. In this case, I agree with this mindset because if somebody have not enough knowledge about something, you better asking to someone who know better, or following some one that give you guarantee. Not just only follow. Ustadz will bring the guarantee for you if you follow him. If your choice become wrong, the false-one is your ustadz. Because he gives you a guarantee.

Same option with Mr Amien Rais, Mr Mahfud MD vote Mr prabowo as next President. Maybe, Mr Amien endorsing Mr Hatta Rajasa as vice president for Mr. Prabowo. Hatta is successor of Amien in Partai Amanat Nasional. Amien and Hatta have a connection between them in party. Simple, if Amien vote for Hatta, of course he vote for Prabowo.

In the other case, Mr Mahfud accept the challenge to support Mr. Prabowo to be a winner in this election. After asking his ustadz, all of ustadz suggest to Mr. Mahfud for supporting Mr. Prabowo.

So, I refer to them for make my choice. And I will choose no.1, Prabowo-Hatta for Indonesian President. [] haris fauzi - 12 jun 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

president, and pair of shoes

One day, I walk around with my wife. I need to buy a pair of shoes. Many many shoes available at store. Kind of models, kind of color, kind of price also. Look around, pick one, or two, and then try and match to my foot. "Which shoes ?", my wife asking after an hour. I'm still quiet because I have yet to make a choice.

In this condition, perhaps my wife become angry if I need a long time to make a choice. And, if someone angry with other, then the other person may also be angry with her. And if I discuss with her about my shoes, the communication become lack. We have two words here ; "angry" and "choice". And then I would most likely get bad shoes, expensive, and my only lucky if the size is correct.

Do you know about the correlation between 'angry' and 'choice' ?
If some people try to make a choice with angry, they will make a choice without mind. They will make a choice using their boiling blood.

How to make decisions in anger?
And... do you know what should be happen if people make a choice at their condition like that ?
Angry people will choose the worst one. Angry people become stupid. There is a traditional phrase that said "angry people were stupid as a donkey, his voice like the sound of donkey".

These day, a month later there will be presidential election. Only two candidates. Only two polar. First candidate with his supporter will head to head with another. In stage,the candidates will debate, in cyber, supporters will berate each other, and will possibly fight in the streets.

Potentially, angry people make many mistakes including the "wrong choice". Therefore, during the presidential election, there should be no taunted each other, no commotion. And let the people choose in peace, so that people could choose using their mind, their intellect. And the chosen one that appears is the best choice.

Now, are you still proud with your candidate ? Please don't make a noise. It's annoying. You better keep calm. [] haris fauzi - 11 june 2014