Friday, June 26, 2015

Monster Bayangan

aku melihat,

bayangan yang anda ciptakan
kini berubah menjadi monster
yang hendak menerkam anda sendiri

mudah-mudahan aku salah
yang mengkhawatirkan adalah
dugaanku nyaris selalu benar
.....dalam hal seperti ini

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Worst Creature

Someday, very long time before the beginning of universe, God created one of kind of creature. A kind of supernatural creature. As a speech by wise man, before universe -- a real creature-- created, God has so many supernatural creatures, such like angel, demons, spirit, and some kind like that,  ..... and this newest creature one.

After creation, God ask to his creature," Who are you, and who Am I ?". The newest one said," I Am who I Am, and You are You". Twice God asked with same question, and the newest one reply with the same answer. Not satisfied with the answer, God bring the newest one to the hell kitchen, the hottest place in the universe. The newest one locked in that hot place for one billion years.

After one billion years, God lifting the newest one from hell kitchen. And asking again," Who are you, and who Am I ?". The newest one become the worst creature, said, " I Am who I Am, ..... and .... You are You". With this situation, God locked back the worst one in the coldest place of universe for one billion years.

After second time locked for one billion years, the worst creature lifted by hand of God. And again, God asking to his creature," " Who are you, and who Am I ?". And still, the worst creature reply with the same answer," I Am who I Am, ..... and .... You are You".

For the third times, God throw out His worst creature and locking back to the most terrible place for one billion years. In this place, there's no food and water. All of creature cannot eat and drink because there's no food and water.

After one billion years, God lift His worst creature, and asking with the same question," Who Are You,... and Who Am I ?". With hungry stomach and very thirsty throat, the creature said," I Am your creature, and You Are my God, my Creator....". After this answer, God placed his creature in the waiting room for billions years, in the latest, that supranatural creatures inserted by God to human body. That worst creature named "carnality". That's why to curbing carnality, man is obliged to do fasting. [] haris fauzi, 25 june 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015


What the meaning of gap ? gap of the system ? Let me talk a brief story. Someday, an employee, want to take a leave from his office. Just one day leave. What he must do ?

First, he must take a form from personnel department. And then he must fill the column with his leave plan, about date, about number, about his name, etc. The second step is the employee must go to his manager for approval. Manager marking his leave plan, agree or not.

If his manager approve his form, then he go back to personnel department to submit his form. The personnel staff will calculate his form tomorrow, and identify his absent with "leave", base on this form.

When the employee doesn't go to office tomorrow, exactly he doesn't scan his identity-card. And the personnel staff must identify this case. Every employee have their ration for leave. If he "leave" in one day, their ration diminish.

This leave system look like a perfect system. Personnel departement, manager, and employee take their action. But, how if the employee do like this....

First, the employee take a form from personnel department. And then he fulfill all of column with his leave plan. So, he go to his manager for take an management approval.

And then, he should go back to personnel to bring his form. But he make another plan. He go to his friend, and he bring his identity card to his friend. And he keep save his leave form.

Tomorrow, when the employee doesn't go to office,  his friend will scan his identity card. The personnel staff identified that the employee is present. And, his manager not losing the employee, because manager approved the leave form. And the employee doesn't lose his leave ration. This is called exploiting system gap.

How can his friend scan his identity card ? The security guard not watching all of employee scanning process. The guard cannot be sure if all of employee scan their own card. Correct ? Hence, every system needs a ' consciousness ' --awareness of the people-- for being perfect. [] haris fauzi, 22 june 2015