Wednesday, June 11, 2014

president, and pair of shoes

One day, I walk around with my wife. I need to buy a pair of shoes. Many many shoes available at store. Kind of models, kind of color, kind of price also. Look around, pick one, or two, and then try and match to my foot. "Which shoes ?", my wife asking after an hour. I'm still quiet because I have yet to make a choice.

In this condition, perhaps my wife become angry if I need a long time to make a choice. And, if someone angry with other, then the other person may also be angry with her. And if I discuss with her about my shoes, the communication become lack. We have two words here ; "angry" and "choice". And then I would most likely get bad shoes, expensive, and my only lucky if the size is correct.

Do you know about the correlation between 'angry' and 'choice' ?
If some people try to make a choice with angry, they will make a choice without mind. They will make a choice using their boiling blood.

How to make decisions in anger?
And... do you know what should be happen if people make a choice at their condition like that ?
Angry people will choose the worst one. Angry people become stupid. There is a traditional phrase that said "angry people were stupid as a donkey, his voice like the sound of donkey".

These day, a month later there will be presidential election. Only two candidates. Only two polar. First candidate with his supporter will head to head with another. In stage,the candidates will debate, in cyber, supporters will berate each other, and will possibly fight in the streets.

Potentially, angry people make many mistakes including the "wrong choice". Therefore, during the presidential election, there should be no taunted each other, no commotion. And let the people choose in peace, so that people could choose using their mind, their intellect. And the chosen one that appears is the best choice.

Now, are you still proud with your candidate ? Please don't make a noise. It's annoying. You better keep calm. [] haris fauzi - 11 june 2014

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