Friday, July 04, 2014

the campaign and fear

Remember in early 2014, we know all media publisher give approximately fourty percent for Joko Widodo electability lead for president candidate, leave another ten candidates behind. And then, in April, PDIP win the election day. So, by this fact, PDIP nominate Joko Widodo for presidential election with very very high confidence.

Mei 2014, from dozens of leaders and candidates for president, only two couples that declare as candidates. They are Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla, and Prabowo-Hatta. Before the declaration, each candidate always appear in public, if this should not be referred as the campaign. But, after the declaration, Prabowo's campaign methode changed very drastically. Maybe, because Mahfud MD was appointed as chairman of his campaign team. They move become a massive campaign.

In the campaign period, journalistic media switch become propaganda. They gravitate to the candidate of their choice. No more journalisme, no more press. In media and cyber space, Joko Widodo create many campaign materials that very creative. Initially, the campaign team Joko Widodo rely on creativity, while Prabowo campaign team relied on colossal touch. At least that's what happens in the virtual world at the start of the campaign period. You certainly can not guess, when Prabowo electability increase rapidly.

About Prabowo's electability progress, at first I did not think as fast as it would. In my mind, Joko Widodo still running for winning. But, in between of confusing news from media, internet, and poll, I get my own poll. First, I ask to my friend. He is a teacher. His students  age 18 old years, average. He make a class pooling, and 70% Prabowo. And then I look on my Facebook. My facebook friends are 70% like Prabowo page, more than Joko Widodo page. Latest, I ask to my daughter about her class. And she said that Prabowo most favourite than Joko Widodo.Her classmates indeed was 15 years old, instead of voting age, but this shows the level of idol.

Off course, Joko Widodo become panic. Though may not admit it. And then in the last week of June, the campaign is not good anymore, until now. What happen with their supporter ? They berate each other in social media. In the balance position, they fight using their words. 
Invective in the virtual world rather recedes when the world cup and the month of Ramadan, but it was only in the beginning. A week later they returned to their animal phase again.

Because of the negative campaign, instead of flattering, fear is emerging now. In black campaign, both presidential candidates would appear to be monsters. Prabowo emerged as a kidnapper, Joko Widodo emerged as a communist. Both are frightening the people of Indonesia.Today, i watch the news that say Joko Widodo supporters stormed a Prabowo press office. Can you imagine ? How we develop our future in fear ? This would be happen here, in Indonesia. [] haris fauzi 4 July 2014

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