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intervention by others

Actually I'm not a 'main supporter' of both presidential candidates. Of course I make my vote for someone. For who and why, i wrote at my blog, hereIt's not a big issue now. But in my mind, since 1998, I still focus on participate of other states in this nation. For me, this is a big problem. When a nation make a mistake in decision making, it's more valuable than when a nation make a right decision by other state command.

 About election day, 9 July 2014, if I blow my mind about foreign intervention before that event, it surely would provoke a state of the campaign. Some people will think that I am a main supporter of presidential candidate. Whereas I was not. Now, the election day is over. I shout about election day is a crucial event, and must be done by ourselves. Not by instruction from other nation. If the decision in this nation is subject to the command by other nation, this is a part of colonization.

My first posting about that, occured on 10th July 2014, "...if he turns out as winner, ... may like Mursi...". Mursi, is an Egypt's president who stomped from his chair by many causes, either because Israel doesn't like him. As we know, Indonesian president candidate, Mr Prabowo, is one of Indonesian figure that not favourites by america, and possibility he will lose out on this election day. Newspapers from america always spread bad news about him. In my opinion, if Mr. Prabowo become president, maybe his fate like Mursi, was overthrown by america. But it's too wild. Because of that, election process -perhaps- is the peaceful way for america to control who will be an elected one. My friend said that the uncle need to take a “remote control”.

Not only Egypt that destroyed by america intervention. Iraq, Libya, and Syria also feel the touch of america intervention. Also Palestine that attacked by Zionist who supported by america. That's all about american menace. Put democracy on your basket. It's rubbish. If you close your eyes and don't want to hear about something called "intervention by other nations" in presidential election, you do not need to continue reading this article. Useless. I refer to Mr. Amien Rais that always lose, whereas in the 90's he is a sparkling figure. Amien Rais was a character who speaks about the dredging mines by american company, Amien also understand the victory of Iranian Revolution 1979. And these things that don't like by america. Therefore, Amien's moves always inhibited, and then failed. Is america play his role in this case? Too naive to say no. But it's up to you.

My second post on the 10th July is: " ...someone was reprimanded by the capitalist by declining stock ... message is clear: don't disturb my scenario ". In that day, one of the news company that spread the different news about temporary result of election day, and then stock become decline. What the meaning of this ? The capitalist don't like that news. Some one leave a comment in that posting, he ask," Is it american scenario?". For his question, you can answer very easy.

My third tweet in that day is : "...some people say that there no indication of foreign intervention". Why I tweet like that ? Because I heard somebody say like that. They accused me that I'm just dreaming. They say : "Your candidate become just blame another for this ... ". They don't know about political situation, they only wanna be cheerleader from election day. I don't think about who is a winner or who is a loser. My interest is : possibility something stuff make a intervention in this election day, and likely done by other nation.

My first posting in 11th July is : "... my wall clear from election day topic...".This posting just shows that I am not interested in the topic of election day. My second tweet in 11th July is : "...if winner has clearly, then no need to fight...". Really I don't interest about the result. But I think, if the election process is under command from another space, it was big problem. Big problem for this nation. Maybe, america want "the chosen one".

My third posting is say about Mursi. "Mursi - defenders of the Palestinian - had a power to beat a zionist. but now Mursi had ousted. replaced by "the chosen one", and we don't know who ?". Some people comment that Mursi was make a mistake and then rolled by people power. But I still think that america is behind the scenario. Zionist always hate Mursi. Then america also hate Mursi. The next in 11th July is : " That is why the western need some presidents that not fight against zionist. That's why Mursi become ousted ...".

In these days, my opinion is confusing about Palestine, also. I think everything happen in these days are connected by the theme. Mursi - Palestine - zionist - Intervention. Palestine case, zionist attacking Gaza, is the real sample about phisical action of intervention. But "election day" is the "hidden action”. And after read the news that Bill Clinton want to landing in this country in medio July, my next posting is : "....the uncle want to come to bless the chosen one ... possible, the independence of this nation will disappear 30%...". Next is quote pentagon documents that are publishing on the internet : "... why are we so concerned with a corner in southeast Asia, Indonesia." - Eisenhower, Pentagon, 1953.

And then I became no longer bear to save the news that I had long buried. I am attaching the news to my opinion and posted on 12nd July :
Why the American Ambassador -Robert Blake (on June 23, 2014)- said that Indonesian government should investigate allegations of human rights cases ?
Afraid ??? Want to interfere this nation ??? What do you want ???
So remember the message from Ir. Soekarno: "..... If you are looking for a leader, look for the hated and dreaded by other nation. Leaders like that will beat foreign interests ....".

As you know, american journalist always says that Mr Prabowo is a president candidate that entangled by human rights cases. By Blake spoke like that, we know that america doesn't like him. America want to drop Mr Prabowo. Can you imagine that this nation obey Blake's words ? My posting become a statement of anger because clearly that america want to control Indonesian election day. This post led to a lot of comments. Some say that intervention by other nation is illegal stuff. But some say nothing happen. Is it make you believe that america want to rule indonesia ? Maybe yes, maybe no. And the latest, in 12nd July my posting wrapped as conclution : " Indonesia refuse intervention. but I still wondering, why some of us accept this ... I don't know....” [] haris fauzi – 14 July 2014

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