Thursday, January 09, 2014

everything vibrate

In middle of August 2013, my boss suggest to me for repainting my car. I agree because paint of my car body so weak. Peeling and fading in some areas. Coincidental, my office have an iedul fitri long holiday. And painting process need approximate 10 days. So, in first holiday, i bring my car to workshop, and then I with my family go to Malang for holiday without my lovely car.

After holiday, my car already finish. Everything sparkling. As usually, I always test that car first, and monitoring to make sure everything alright. Every use this car, i pay attention for everything, maybe changing, or maybe have trouble. Correct ! Wind shield lost their accuracy and become leak. Workshop technician must repair that.

Trouble that make me never ending curious is why my car become so noise. It's like every part in my car become vibrating. Especially in front area. I don't sure how many times I should go down from my car and open the engine cover to analyze that noise. I looking for something vibrate. First, i found that my number plate have not locked tight. And I must tighten the bolt. That happen when on sunter road.

In office car park, i must do like that in several times. I must check something under engine cover. How to check the vibrate source ? I do this with shake some suspected parts. And I found that filter cover  that vibrate and make noise, and then bar of battery also vibrate. Fixed it one by one. Time by time.

After that, is everything alright, now ? Not yet. My car still remaining some noises. It's very annoying for  five months. I swear, very annoying. Until one day I found something missing.

What is this ? You know, when we will check engine, we must opening the cover. And, in order that the cover not close, we must use the slim bar as cantilever. The cantilever pressed by engine cover. Of course, when you don't use cantilever, the cover will closing and clamping your head.

That's a puzzle of mystery. That annoying noise turn out is caused by cantilever that vibrating because loose clip. So here, if you check that case with cantilever pressed by engine, you can't solve that case, because cantilever position is rigid. You can't shake the cantilever to check the noise. But, in driving position, the cantiliver at home position. When cantilever in home position, the clip in base point is loose. That situation make cantilever vibrate. And finally I success to solve this although it should take five months. Fiuh. [] haris fauzi - 9 jan 2014

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