Tuesday, January 28, 2014

queue maker

Afternoon, busy hours. I'm on a building elevator with some others. Down from seventh level, i need down to ground level, some people too,... also a 'woman in right side'. She makes a call phone. "Please take me on lobby terrace. Hurry up... I will arrive on a while". I think she needs to be picked up by someone. She makes a call phone to her driver who waiting in parking area.

From seventh level, ..6..5..4..3..2..1.. , elevator takes more time than bring a car from a park area to lobby. This my analysis. Because when all of elevator passenger down to ground level, i see a queue of some cars. Lead from queue is black wagon. And 'woman on right side'  fast walking through people throng, go toward black wagon, at the same time calling her driver,"... an elevator too slow...". And then she jump into black wagon.

You know, when queue of cars happen, possibility some car will turn a horn on. Noise will occur. I think, that woman not so wise. Why she calls her driver when on elevator ? Why she doesn't call when she was already on lobby ? Is she don't want to wait ? Maybe, a 'woman on the right side' is a busy one. But, however, what she had done -- to call a car before she on lobby-- and it turns out she was late, is not a good attitude. Of course her delay make a queue of many cars, -- remember, it's a busy hours-- and noisy by horn. Not a good thing when making a queue at busy hours. Moreover, this building is a hospital. What do you think ? [] haris fauzi, 28 jan 2014.

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