Monday, April 28, 2014

a general secretary

For three years, i carry my position as general secretary of neighbourhood community (rukun warga). Let me explain how this can be happen. In the sunday morning, me and my children walking around and meet with Mr. Djoko. He is a Chairman of Neighbourhood Community. He led about six or seven Neighbourhood Cluster (Rukun Tetangga). Mr Djoko still jogging when he ask to me about position of general secretary. And I said OK.

My wife look weird with my quick respond. "Are you sure become a general secretary ?", she ask to me.
"I'm busy this years, therefore, i'm not reject that offer ", my diplomacy.
"Actually, in my mind, you will be more busy than now....".
"No... next month the election of RT leader will be held. I don't want become the RT leader. I think you also like that. Because of this I must accept offering from Mr Djoko. If I as general secretary, I runaway from RT candidate ".
Now I see my wife smile. She looks understand about my trick.

Do you know about job of general secretary ?
He must do the documentation of letter from anywhere. Including letter from residents and neighbours. The residents need citizenship letter. Must be signature by Chairman, and then legalisation by General Secretary. It's a simple jobs. But the problem is, many people don't bring the copy of document. This makes a organisation don't have a documentation.

The Chairman had no idea how to make this documentation. Every people with their own wishes bring only one sheet document, and then need to mark their letter. And go home. A Chairman sign his signature in their letter. But, he don't have a copy.  It's clear, this is my jobs.

Before me, the general secretary always say to all people to copy their document. But nobody hear this. The people still bring one sheet document. For this, do i must have my own copy engine ? It's up to me. Only one that I must do. It is a digital camera. I have pocket camera that ready to take a picture from all letter that I must legalisation. Only this. Every letter, should be had a copy as digital data storage in this camera. And the job is done. Finish. Don't think too complicated. [] haris fauzi - 28 Apr 2014

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