Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 note : KPK

In terms of Indonesia civilization, the superbody KPK ( Corruption Eradication Commission ) is most popular organization of last ten years. Now we know KPK succes ensnare some of government's high level officials. Also, some of military and cops. This a good condition. That is, justice began to be enforced, and the Commission showed their courage. KPK still burning until now. Last case, the Governor of Banten, that popular as most powerful governor, now sleep restless in jail.

Struggle for justice not end in this line, and not yet perfect. Justice is meaning dedicate all of case as put something appropriate portions. "Appropriate Portions" mean that the Commision must clear to conduct all case. This statement connected with power of the criminals of corruption. We hope, KPK more and more powerfull to catch more higher criminals. The corruption case of Hambalang, Century, Gayus the Taxman, is example of cases that  involving the powerful criminals.

It's seems KPK investigate selective cases. But, nobody's fault as long as they meet the priority scale. Serious problems arise when the KPK investigate certain cases to avoid the more important cases. Or, some powerful officials bring the order to KPK for investigate cases for their political-enemy. I hope this does not happen.

Antasari Azhar, as chairman period 2007 with achievement revealing some case like "IT for election" and BLBI, finally rest in jail because woman. Something blur. In media record, Antasari beated by big pressure since he want to break the Century case. Duo Bibit-Chandra as temporary chairman continuing struggle very hard, and stopping when start to investigate Gayus the Taxman's case, and then sprawl such of running out of fuel.

New cairman, Abraham Samad, since 2011 lead KPK to finishing some crucial cases. Samad achieve some case including "beef case" that ensnare PKS's Chairman, "simulator equipment case" that ensnare police officer, and many more. But, Samad still suspend Century and Hambalang. All of that, with many difficulty, measure of succes from KPK including clarity of Century and Hambalang cases. So ? Samad must "put the appropriate portion" in justice, as soon as possible. [] haris fauzi, 26 dec 2013

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